quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2015

How to watch World Cup games on the Internet

How to watch World Cup games on the Internet
The Web offers many different options to accompany the games. And IDG tested and indicates the sites that work.

Here in Brazil, Globoesporte.com is the only one with official permission to broadcast all World Cup matches over the Internet, such as the IDG News Service had already informed. But, as will millions of people wanting to enjoy games on their PCs, the chances of crashes videos for excessive access are great.

However, the Web offers a number of options for those who want to follow the games, even if the stories are not in Portuguese. And you can choose the portals of the famous canals as the CBC Canada, unknown to most pages, but they are very useful in many walks of giving the tournament. Just below, check out the pages and then streaming that we "sift" - and tested during the opening game to see if they work - so you do not stay out of World Cup:

- Justin.tv

- CBC Sports

- Ustream.tv


- Livesport1.us